Upcoming Projects:

As a part of project “disha” we want to create 4 documentaries (20-25 minutes each) in local language (Bengali) and English on food diversity in the following four topics: reviving traditional food, growing food in a small space, living self sufficiently in a small space, and seed saving. disha in Bengali means direction. These documentaries will showcase examples on the direction our communities can go for a resilient future.


  1. Creating training material for local community members to grow food in a small space.
  2. Creating awareness regarding the importance of restoring food diversity and some of the current efforts across the country for the same.

Expected Output

  1. Four 20-25 minutes documentaries on the theme of food diversity.
  2. Possibly a 50-60 minutes documentary on some of the efforts in India to restore food diversity. This will be done  combining the four  documentaries.

Expected Impact

  1. At least 100 families trained on how to grow food using the documentaries in the next five years either by bon or other organizations with similar objectives.
  2. It is being shown in the local schools and local colleges.
  3. Local TV channel is being offered to show it in their channel.

Currently, we are raising funds for disha. We will need 8,120 $  (6,20,000 INR). If you kindly wish to donate to the project please get in touch with us in info@bonforest.in.

bon vojon

bon vojon in the local language literally means a small picnic in the forest. Back in the day a few families came and cooked together lunch mostly by foraging or collecting vegetables and other greens from their surroundings. A tradition that has disappeared in the last decade. We want to revive this tradition by introducing an experimental kitchen space where we will organize small picnics and cook food by sourcing ingredients locally.  This event will not only be attended by the locals but also by people from nearby towns and cities. This kitchen space will also be used to experiment with new recipes with local food. We will come with more detail soon!