Connecting Communities with Nature
Our Objectives

The big picture


 A world where food helps to connect humans with nature.


Empowering communities to produce and process their own food in a way that helps in environmental restoration.


Changing the way, we produce and eat our food can solve a lot of the world’s pressing problems.

Our work

Who we are?

We are a Public Charitable Trust registered in West Bengal, India.

What do we address?

Our current way of food production, processing, packaging, and procurement is causing a lot of damage to our health and our environment.

How do we address it?

By empowering individuals/communities to grow their own food in a way that helps in environmental restoration.

The idea behind the name

The meaning

bon in Bengali (our mother tongue ) means forest. Forest reminds us of the diversity and interconnectedness of lives.

The intention

bon wants to transform any available spaces for growing food into a forest-like system by introducing native varieties of trees and plants. No life in a forest works in isolation but in cooperation and healthy competition. Similar to that bon wants to create and be part of a strong and resilient network that is working for the common goal of biodiversity restoration.

Our founder talking about bon