biman roy, founder

Biman Roy: Founder and Managing Trustee

I grew up in the rural area of southern West Bengal (India) with a deep connection with nature. Foraging food around my village played a big role in that. This connection became feeble as I moved around different cities in India for my higher studies. It was in Sweden where I was doing a Ph.D. in computer science, I re-established my connection with nature when started growing and foraging some of my own food.  During my time in Sweden cooking food for the first time in my life and trying to find the source of food put me in touch with the harsh realities. I came to know how large-scale food production and transportation affect human health and the health of the planet so badly. This shock triggered me to grow and forage food. During this time, I also realized this global issue is reflected in my country too. How nature computes encouraged me to do a Ph.D. . During my Ph.D. I realized in the face of the food crisis and environmental crisis; I would rather dedicate my life to working with nature to bring solutions to communities. That’s how the inception of bon happened. This led me to come back to my village and work with communities and nature.