Current Initiatives

Engaging youth through creating enterprises

We understand for most community members growing their own food is not a priority. They need a stronger incentive to involve in growing their food. We feel youth in our community who have an entrepreneurial mindset can play an important role with some guidance. Our village has enough land and pond to grow a lot of diverse food when planned and utilized properly. If with our help the youth can identify those opportunities and make use of them properly, they can create small enterprises. These enterprises can work together in a cooperative model to strengthen their potential. In such a scenario, growers can sell their surplus food to the local enterprises which we feel is a much stronger incentive than just growing food for their own consumption. One of our initiatives is to identify those youths and their skills so that they make the best use of local resources in a way that helps the local economy while restoring the environment.

Future Gardener

We believe to have a long-lasting impact children must be involved in the process of social change. To achieve our mission, we are trying to involve children in growing food. We are interacting with the children in the village. Our goal is to find 4-5 children with an interest in fruits and flowers. Once we identify that we are giving them some fruits and flower trees for them to adopt. Over the next couple of months, we work with them to take care of those trees. The selection of the plants is done by the choice of the children along with the fact that can give fruit or flower in a short time to keep their excitement.

Film Club

We are also working on creating a weekly movie night where interesting movies and documentaries will be shown to create a platform for the community to come together. This will be primarily targeted at youth and children, but we make it open for all.


Crop Rotation

Currently, most farmers are farming rice twice a year. Which is wreaking havoc on the local environment. We are currently identifying a group of farmers who would like to grow the indigenous crops in winter but are not able to do for some reason or the other. We want to identify the challenges and want to work with them to bring our indigenous crops back this winter season.

Stopping stubble burning

In winter right after the Amon rice harvesting, most farmers get busy preparing for Boro rice. To make it easier they burn the crop residue. We want to find a local solution. We are exploring for possibilities of how we can solve this problem and turn this into opportunities in the local context.