Project: ankur

ankur is our first project. In the local language ankur means sprout. This signifies the grounding of our vision.

As part of ankur, we are creating three model home gardens of size between 20 m^2 to 80 m^2 in the village of Nahapar, Medinipur, West Bengal (this is where we started bon). These model gardens will be used as demonstration plots of what is possible to grow in small spaces. The idea is to inspire people from the community to create their own home gardens which will produce diverse food in a small space that looks aesthetically beautiful too.

The first phase (10.02.22-15.05.22): In the first phase, which started on 10.02.22, we are experimenting with different growing techniques focusing to increase soil fertility with minimal soil disturbance. In this phase, we are trying to what can be grown here and what are the challenges. We have harvested some fast-growing amaranth. Apart from there are 6 varieties of eggplants, 3 varieties of tomatoes, 4 varieties of chili, 4 varieties of beans, papaya, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, red amaranth, ridge gourd, okra, ivy gourd have been planted.

Man and dog standing looking a the garden

One of the garden at early stage

Many plants growing together

Chili, papaya, eggplants, ivy gourd, ridge gourd, red amaranth, and sweet potatoes growing together in another gardens.

Plant diversity

Another patch of vegetables

The second phase (20.05.22-14.06.22): This will be used for reflection on what worked and what did not work. After that in this phase, we will be planning and designing the gardens using the Permaculture principle. Our founder Biman Roy is currently learning “How to grow food in small space form ”from Clea Chandmal. This will be very helpful to design our gardens and execution.

The third phase (15.06.22-15.12.22): During the project, we will be working on composting, seeding, creating nurseries, planting, watering, pest management, and harvesting, seeds saving, and food processing. Besides this, we will be working involving communities by inviting them to visit our gardens and showing them around. During this time, we will prepare our first draft for the training program to create home gardens.

white brijnal, long beans, small bean

Some harvest like white brinjal, beans, ivy gourd.

Elephant task Okra

clove beans

Clove Benas