Current Project:

In our first project, ankur we are creating five model nutrition gardens working with five families in Nahapar, a village in southern West Bengal. In the local language, ankur means sprout. This signifies the grounding of our vision.

 Mr. Parameswar Bhanja is growing vegetables for home consumption and for selling over 3 decades now. Eating fresh and poison-free food is his family’s motivation behind this effort.  However, because lack of alternatives (that they are aware of) they sometimes put poison to protect their food from pests. He and his wife are extremely knowledgeable people when it comes to gardening. So they are our mentors for growing food.

When we pitched the idea if they would like grow a small patch of nutrition garden without using any poison they decided to take part in that. They are one of the five families we are working with to create model gardens. 


  1. More diversity in the food than what the five families are currently eating.
  2. The children of the families are involved creating these gardens.
  3. All the input for the garden comes from the garden itself and it’s surroundings.
  4. Increase the biodiversity in the garden and it’s surroundings.
  5. Creating a vibrant community of these five families (through regular meet).
  6. Involve the neighbors around the gardens.


  1. Improved health condition of the family members.
  2. The children are excited  and talk about their garden with friends.
  3. A well functioning compost unit, nursery, seed bank, pest repellent unit.
  4. Increased flora and and fauna of the garden.
  5. The families are meeting regularly to discuss the process and having a good time together.
  6. The neighbors pay visit to these gardens once and they share food.

Some photos from our home gardens

One of our first batch of saplings

One patch of the  model garden

Some tubers that we collected

Tubers we are going to plant in  June

You can read more about ankur here We managed to raise a little over half of the money.  If you kindly wish to donate to the project please get in touch with us in